Larry Ciesla Woodworking


I have what many woodworkers would describe as a "dream workshop."  I wanted to document the experience of creating my workshop so others thinking of doing the same might get some ideas and learn from my mistakes.  Make no mistake, building my shop was a huge committment on many levels.  The scope of the financial committment is obvious - this is not a cheap thing to do.  But, for me personally, it was the culmination of a lifetime working wood.  It was the natural answer to the question of what I wanted to do with my time when I retire.  What do I want to do with the rest of my life?  

Every woodworker has to figure out the answer to these questions and most will not choose to do what I have done.  But others might, and it is for those that I've documented much of the process that I went through.

Shop Construction


Wood Magazine

In the summer of 2008 Wood magazine visited my work shop for a photoshoot in preparation for an article they will publish in 2009 in their publication America's Greatest Home Workshops.