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Here are some links that I have found to be very helpful and educational.  
Woodworking resources for the beginning woodworker.
This link was suggested by a young woodworking student who found my site and thought this link would be a great addition.

I've received many inquiries about where to purchase the safety switch I have on my Powermatic Table Saw.  I give this switch my highest recommendation.

If you love woodworking you will love this magazine.  Written by woodworkers for woodworkers.  
David Marks

David Marks is the host of the series Woodworks on the DIY network.  I have learned a lot from watching his show and have taken a couple of his classes.  He is a great teacher and an extraordinary woodworker.

Hal Taylor's web site is a must see for anyone interested in rocking chairs.  I have purchased Hal's book available on his site that explains in great detail how to create a wonderful rocking chair of his design.  Doing so is on my project list for 2007 and hopefully my web site will soon have some pictures of my progress.
Certainly Wood

Check this site out for an incredible selection of veneer from all over the world.  I have become fascinated with using veneering and have started using veneer for my projects because of the incredible choices of wood species that are impossible to obtain any other way.

I purchased my vacuum press from this company and have been absolutely delighted with the machine.  I met Darryl Keil, the company's President, at a veneering class I took at the Mark Adams School of Woodworking.  Darryl was a wonderful teacher and the week I spent with him at the school has totally changed the way I approach woodworking!

I absolutely love this place!!!  The Marc Adams School of Woodworking is located in Indiana just south of Indianopolis.  When I first walked into the school I was blown away with the facility and the equipment.  You will not find a better equipped woodworking school anywhere in the world!  The instructors are truly world-class and no matter what your skill level, you will find something that will rekindle your passion for this craft!

Michael C. Fortune is a Canadian woodworker I greatly admire and respect.  He has reached a pinacle in his art that few of us will ever achieve.  Michael is also a wonderful teacher, author, and all around nice guy.  I've taken his chair design class at the Marc Adams school and was blown away by Michaels skill, talent, and willingness to share secrets he has learned over a lifetime of practicing his craft.
SWINGPLANS.COMIf you're looking for plans for that porch swing you've been meaning to build, check out

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