Larry Ciesla Woodworking

Wood Magazine Photo Shoot

I was thrilled to learn that Wood magazine was interested in photographing my workshop for an upcoming issue of their specialty publication "America's Greatest Home Workshops."  I was also amazed to learn that they plan these publications a good year in advance, so discussions began in April of '08 for the April '09 issue.  There is an enormous amount of planning and work that goes into each and every issue.  

My wife and I spent about three weeks cleaning the shop getting it ready for the photo shoot.  A working shop really does get quite dirty!  By the time the Wood Magazine crew arrived the shop was clean enough to be used for surgery!  Literally hours after they left the shop reverted back toward its standard state of entropy (a fancy word physicists use to describe the state of the universe where all systems tend toward disorder!)

Below are some pictures of the photo shoot.