Larry Ciesla Woodworking

A Website Devoted to Woodworking

Rule #1: Time spent in the workshop
is not deducted from one's life!

Welcome to my website! I've spent a lifetime working with wood and love turning a pile of boards into a finished project.

Woodworking is a skill not an art.  Anyone can learn it.  Skilled craftsmen have an obligation to pass their knowledge on to others so the craft does not die. 

Nothing is for sale on this website. My sole purpose is to share what I know in the hope that you might learn something new or be inspired to try something for yourself.

Rule #2: Safety comes from control.
Control gives you precision!

I hope you enjoy looking around my web site!  I try to photograph and document my projects in a way that highlights some of the more interesting woodworking techniques I used.  I've written a number of articles that I've published on my web site.  For anyone interested in building their own workshop, check out how I built mine for ideas.  The Internet is a great resource for woodworkers and I've highlighted some links that I think are worth your time checking out.

As I update this web site I keep a list of what is new.