Larry Ciesla Woodworking

Assembly Table

This was one of the first projects I built for my new workshop.  It has proven to be an extremely useful addition to the shop!  The table consists of a lower assembly for clamp storage supporting a 4x5 torsion box top.   The bottom assembly is built directly from Fine Woodworking Magazine Tools and Shops Issue 174 from the article "CONVERTIBLE CLAMPING WORKSTATION" by Gary B. Foster.  Plastic PVC pipes of various diameters and lengths are used to house the clamps.  It is a great solution to the problem of clamp storage and Foster's clever layout for the pipes takes advantage of nearly every cubic inch of possible storage from both directions.

The top is an MDF torsion box that is 4' by 5' and finished with some quarter sawn white oak I had left over from a previous project.  The torsion box design makes the top unbelievably strong and stable.  I coated the MDF with wax to prevent glue from sticking.  The height of the table is about the middle of my thigh.

This is the long side where most of my shorter clamps are stored.

Closer view of the long side.

This is the short side where Istore my longer clamps.