Larry Ciesla Woodworking

Major Power Tools

Since I bought my Powermatic table saw I've become a Powermatic bigot!  Shown here is my 8 inch jointer and 12 inch disc sander with a 6 inch belt.

This is the north wall of the shop.  Almost all my major power tools are on mobile bases.  Here I have a Delta 18" drum sander, a Grizzley spindle sander, and a delta thickness planer.  On the wall behind these tools is a lumber rack where I store hardwood lumber. (Top of Page)

My 14 inch Powermatic band saw.  Note the dust collection coming out of the concrete.  This vacuum port serves both the band saw and the table saw. (Top of Page)

I have an 18 inch Rikon bandsaw I use mostly for resawing.  I leave a 3/4 inch blade on this machine.  It has a 2 HP 220 V motor. (Top of Page)

3HP Grizzley dust collector that I use as a central vacuum.   (Top of Page)
Delta lathe.   (Top of Page)