Larry Ciesla Woodworking

outdoor rocking chair

This is rocking chair intended to be used outdoors on a porch or in a garden.  What makes the chair unusual and unique (at least I think it so) is the incorporation of marquetry in an outdoor project.  I don't think many woodworkers have attempted something like this, and time will only tell if I've been successful.

Because of the complexity of this project, I decided to break down the explaination into three phases:  forms and templates, chair construction, and finishing.  Each, I think, is interesting and I hope informative. 

The project is made entirely from white oak which is a good wood for outdoor projects.  The curves in the back rests and rockers are accomplished with bent wood lamination.  The marquetry on the back rest is a thin veneer sheet laminated to the remaining thicker sheets of white oak.  The chair is finished with seven coats of a marine varnish that has been used for nearly 100 years on wooden boats.

I hope you enjoy reading about how I did it!

The back rest top shows a butterfly between two roses. 

The back rest bottom is ivy that was inspired by the ivy growing around our home.