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Cherry Corner TV Cabinet

This corner TV stand was custom constructed from solid cherry and cherry veneer.  The piece was stained to closely match other existing cherry furniture in the room.  The legs are made from 2x2 solid cherry, the top, sides, and interior are 3/4" MDF veneered with cherry.  The doors are frame and panel construction with the frame from solid 3/4" cherry stock and the panel 1/4" MDF veneered with cherry veneer.  I could have purchased commercial cherry veneer plywood for this project, but what fun would that be?  I chose to veneer the panels myself.  The pictures below show some of the details of how that was done and how the cabnet was made.

Here is the finished project in the home ready to watch the Bears game!

The cherry veneer arrives looking like this from the veneer supplier.  I also ordered poplar veneer to use as the backing veneer for any surface that would not be exposed. (Back to top of page)

The cherry and poplar veneer is next cut into assorted lengths in preparation for the jointing operation.  This veneer was was about 10 inches wide and the poplar was wider still. (Back to top of page)

Here are three sheets ready to be joined with veneer tape into a single large sheet. (Back to top of page)
Here two sheets have been edge joined together held with blue tape.  The blue masking tape provides enough holding power to keep the joint tight until the veneer tape is placed on the other side.  The blue tape side will eventually become the glue side of the veneer sheet. (Back to top of page)
Here are three cherry veneer sheets edge jointed with veneer tape ready for glueup.  I have a vacuum press that I use to press the veneer panels.  Unfortunately I did not photograph this part of the process for this particular project, but other projects in my web site will show that part of the process. (Back to top of page)
Here we are at the start of the glue up phase.  Notice that bisquit joinery is used extensively.  The entire project used over 75 bisquits - nearly the entire container shown in the picture. (Back to top of page)
Here the doors are being glued up.  Notice that the panel has already received the cherry stain. (Back to top of page)
Here is the top after being cut and edged with 3/8" solid cherry. (Back to top of page)
Closeup of the 3/8" cherry edging. (Back to top of page)
Mortise for the knife hinge. (Back to top of page)
Ready for delivery (Back to top of page)
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