Larry Ciesla Woodworking

Twelve-way Radial Match Part 2

Step 3:  This step will place the veneer stack in the same orientation it would have had as it was cut from the tree.  Start with sheet 12 and find two points on sheet 12 near two opposite edges that have a distinguishing mark of some kind.  Try to find two distinguishing marks that appear on all 12 sheets.  Place sheet 11 on top of sheet 12 orienting sheet 11 such that the two points on sheet 11 fall exactly on top of the two points on sheet 12.  Note that by doing this you may need to slightly offset sheet 11 over sheet 12 in such a way that all four edges no longer line up on top of each other.  See the drawing left:

Continue stacking sheet 10 on top of sheet 11, 9 on top of 10, and so on until you have built the bundle with the sheets aligned like the came off the tree.  Apply blue tape to all four edges to prevent the individual sheets from moving within the bundle.

Step 4:  Clamp the bundle under a straightedge and use a veneer saw to cut line B through all 12 sheets.

Step 5:  Use a pencil to make a mark on the newly cut edge along side B at the apex of the 30 degree triangle you marked on sheet 1 in step 2.  See illustration left: