Larry Ciesla Woodworking

Fireplace from Walnut 

This project was made from solid walnut with the exception of the base which was made from walnut plywood.  The applique is maple that was stained walnut using a variety of stains and glazes.  The finish is two coats of danish oil followed by two coats of polyurathane.  I found the walnut at a local sawmill that specializes mostly in oak.  He occasionally cuts up a walnut tree and had a large stock of material that was mostly seconds.  He made me an offer I could not refuse and I came home with a couple hundred board feet of the stuff.  After cutting away knots, sapwood, and defects, I'm not so sure I would not have been better off paying the price for clear S4S, but what fun would that have been?

The dental moulding was made on the table saw using a dado set to 1/2 inch.  Dados were crosscut in a much wider board and that board then ripped into 1 inch strips.  The tricky part was calculating the exact size for each dado so the corner came out correctly after mitering. Top of Page | Home
Simple frame and raised panel construction was used to create the major surfaces.  I used a combiination of Festool Domino bisquits and pocket screw to hold it all together.Top of Page | Home
All miters were cut on the chop saw and later fine tuned using this picture framing guilitine cutter.  It seems like every time I get this tool out of storage, no matter how careful I am, I always seem to cut myself at least once on the razor sharp knives.  The sharpness of the knives allows me to trim a couple of thousands off for a perfect fit.Top of Page | Home
Here is a closeup of the moulding being applied.Top of Page | Home
Finishing shop projects is nearly always done with the able assistance of my pretty wife!Top of Page | Home