Larry Ciesla Woodworking

manager and birdhouse

Here are my three granddaughers Corina, Alayna, and Madeline with two projects we completed together during a long weekend during the winter of 2008.  Each girl built her own birdhouse out of some scrap cedar I had in the shop.  The manger project was a "group" effort and each girl was involved in some aspect of its construction.  My granddaughters just turned seven a few weeks before these projects.  We mostly focused on learning how to take measurements, how to set up machines, how to layout and mark our work, how to glue a project together with wood glue, and how to drill and use a screwdriver.  Grandpa ran the power tools but the girls each learned how to set each tool up and what each tool was used for.  I did let the girls use the drill press to drill the large hole in each birdhouse.

Here is Madeline using my razor saw to cut one of the supports for the manger.  Each girl had to measure and mark where their cut would be and each girl cut several of the supports.
Corina is the 'artistic" one with the creative mind.  She helped to decide how to apply the sides of the two barns on either side of the manger.
Here is Madeline helping to install the shingles on the roof.  Madeline would hold a shingle while I applied a little hot glue.  Her favorite part was getting some of the hot glue on her finger!
Here is Alayna placing one of the shingles on the roof.