Larry Ciesla Woodworking

church bench

This bench was a joint project with my friend Glenn Nordel.  The ladies bathroom at our church needed a new bench for the ladies to sit on and that could store cleaning supplies.  The bench is made from red oak and the panels are veneered with birds eye maple veneer.  This was a chance for Glenn to learn how to work with veneer.

Glenn is using a veneer saw to joint two pieces of veneer.  The straightedge clamps both pieces tightly together and has sandpaper on its bottom to keep things from moving around.
Here Glenn has butted two jointed edges together tightly and is using blue tape to temporarily hold the joint in place.
After the blue tape has been applied, the veneer is turned over and veneer tape used to hold both pieces together until after pressing.

Getting all the panels into the vacuum press is a three man job!  Here we're assisted by Glenn's wife Alice.
Here the complete panels are being glued up into the bench body.
The floor is made from tounge and groove cedar.