Larry Ciesla Woodworking


This chessboard was a "Daddy Daughter" project.

The game table field is made from Wenge and Curly Maple.  The squares were constructed by resawing the wenge and curly maple into 1/8 in thick boards then glued to 3/4 in apple plywood.  Both sides of the plywood are laminate and the plywwod cut into 2" wide boards.  These are then edge glued alternating wenge and maple forming a board with 8 strips.  After the glue has set, the plywood is ripped again on the opposite side forming 2 inch wide strips that now consist of black and white alternating squares.  One last edge glueup is done to form the field by flipping over every other strip.
My daughter Julie routing mortises in one of the legs.  The table is constructed with mortise and loose tenon joinery.
Final glueup of the table top.  
A bit of scraping to level the surface.